Our November Update

By Daniel Dal Bello, Director.
November 30, 2020–2 min read.

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Here is our monthly update covering what we got up to in the month of November. This time around we held four AMAs with Conflux Network, finance.vote, NEAR Protocol and YIELD. We also published our Decentralized Finance Primer and an interview with Mars Finance.

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AMA Highlights: Conflux Network

Sunday November 11 — Conflux Network is a public permissionless network built to drive the next generation of global commerce through a suite of dApps. With most of their traction in Asia, Conflux has released notable collaboration with Chinese governmental entities, including setting up a data management system for a data training lab (Hunan) and a research lab (Shanghai).

AMA Highlights: finance.vote

Monday November 16 — finance.vote is a consensus layer specifically aimed at DeFi. The platform allows any ERC-20 token to build a ‘Mini-DAO’ around their community, involving them in decision making.

AMA Highlights: NEAR Protocol

Thursday November 19 — NEAR is a contender in the layer-1 arena with their platform built by an open-source collective including some of the brightest minds in the space. NEAR allows developers to rapidly build highly scalable, low cost, decentralized applications compatible with the EVM.

Decentralized Finance Primer

Monday November 23 — One of the growing narratives throughout 2020 has been the emergence and potential of the DeFi ecosystem. The generally open-source ethos of DeFi has driven a frenzy of new product releases over the past few months — the pace of innovation has been difficult to keep up with.

Interview with Mars Finance

Wednesday November 25 — An interview with Director of Hillrise Capital, Daniel Dal Bello. Mars Finance is an influential Chinese blockchain-focused media firm, funded in part by Binance and Bitmain founder, Jihan Wu. Mars Finance operate a significant online media business and news outlet primarily for the Asian crypto-market.

AMA Highlights: YIELD

Thursday November 26 — YIELD are working to further democratize DeFi through their mobile and web apps, insured wallets, debit cards, fiat gateway and more. Aiming to reduce the complexity of DeFi and focus on user experience — one of the key friction points to broader adoption.

Hillrise Capital is an independent research and advisory firm exclusively focused on blockchain startups and crypto-assets.

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We’re an independent research and advisory firm focused on blockchain startups and crypto-assets.

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